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Share links on Instagram and drive more traffic to your website

Share links on your Instagram and drive more traffic to your website for free

How to share links on your Instagram:

  1. Add a link in your bio
  2. Captions
  3. Use a short link (use URL shortener like Bitly) that is easy to copy or clear instructions “Link in bio”
  4. Stories
  5. Use a Link Sticker and a clear call to action
  6. Shoppable posts
  7. Direct Messages

Don’t miss out on potential sales. Would love to know how this boosts yours.

1. Add a link in your Bio

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  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click Edit Profile
  3. Click Links
  4. Click Add external link
  5. Add a link to your website

You can add more than one link and as well as your Facebook page.

To LinkTree or Not...

I prefer to link directly to a page on my website called Instagram Links.

Instagram puzzle grid

Tutorials and Canva template

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Useful resources

How to create a link landing page

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