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Why you need to move to Google Analytics 4 now – GA4

Google has announced that Google Universal Analytics (UA) will no longer work from 1st July 2023.

  • It will stop tracking your website traffic
  • 6 months after that you will lose all access to your tracking data

Is your website using Google Analytics?

Was Google Analytics added to your website before October 2020?

It's likely you are using Universal Analytics.

What can you do?

  • Check which Google Analytics you have
  • Make the move to Google Analytics 4 now

How to check which Google Analytics you are using

Look at your property ID

Universal Analytics start with UA and end with a number (UA-XXXXXXXXX-1).
Google Analytics 4 has only numbers (XXXXXXXXX).

Find your property ID:

  1. Open your Google Analytics
  2. Click on the dropdown to open the property selector
Google Analytics Home Dashboard

3. Look at the property numbers to identify which one you have

Below you can see that I have two properties. Universal Analytics (starts with UA-) and Google Analytics 4 (numbers only).

Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics Properties

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