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Instagram: How to split images and create a puzzle grid [Free Canva Template]

Do you want to get creative with your Instagram grid layout? Trying to work out how to use an image across there boxes on Instagram?

Below are instructions on how to use Canva using a free template provided to start creating your own puzzle grids.

Follow the steps below and when you are done you will have nine posts ready to share as a puzzle grid on your social media.

1. Get the Free Canva Template

Use the form below to get the Canva template link sent to your email. This is what you will need to create your own puzzle grid on Instagram.

2. Open the Puzzle Grid Template in Canva

Check your inbox and click on the Canva template link in the email. This will open the template in your browser:

Free Instagram Puzzle Grid Canva Template

Click on Use Template

Don’t have Canva account? You will need to create an account. Sign up with Google, Facebook, or Email as prompted by Canva (it’s free):


Once you are logged into Canva then you will be sent straight to your free puzzle grid template:


Free Instagram Puzzle Grid Canva Template

Want to make a copy? See Instagram Puzzle Grid FAQs below.

3. Edit your Instagram puzzle grid template

You’re now ready to create you Instagram puzzle grid.  There are 5 templates to use and it’s easy to edit the layout to suit.

Feel free to start playing around and adding your own images!

4. Save your Instagram puzzle grid

Click on the download button

Select the page you want to download (that has your grid)

Click Download

5. Split your grid picture into 9 images

Open Pine Tools Split Image in your browser

  1. Under INPUT IMAGE
    Click Choose File to choose your grid picture you saved to your computer
  2. Under OPTIONS
    Click Both (grid)
    Choose 3 in the Quantity of blocks
  4. Then click on SPLIT IMAGE
  6. Download the 9 images by clicking on each


You now have 9 images that you can share on your Instagram feed.

6. Share your 9 grid images to Instagram

You can either post your images directly on Instagram, or use a social media scheduling tool such as Planoly, AgoraPulse, Buffer, etc

It’s important that you share the images in the correct order so they display correctly on your feed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I get Canva?

I can also refresh, maintain and provide ongoing support with experience creating and managing various types of websites. I work with you to determine based on your business needs and your budget. And can provide ongoing support at a fixed monthly rate to keep your website performing. Get in touch to get started.

Can you recommend a way to preview my Instagram grid?

Planoly is a good social media tool. You can preview your Instagram grid for free for one platform. It’s also good if you want to share with others before it is posted such as clients or other stakeholders/team members by sharing a link.

I generally just use AgoraPulse as my scheduler for most clients. Unless they would like to view the grid.

How do I make back up of the template?

You can either use the link to create another copy (open the link and select Use Template will create another copy). 

Or make a copy in Canva by clicking on File then Make a Copy

Any other questions?

It’s important to get your social media right. I am here to help you and happy to answer any questions you have. Just get in touch.

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