SEO Audit Service London

Is your website ranking as well as you would like on Google?

Get your website ranking for keywords that are relevant to your business and that will attract the right kind of traffic (your ideal customers).

You need a clear strategy for SEO

Where are you now?

How is your site performing right now?

Where do you need to get to?

What are your business SEO goals?

How are we going to get there?

Let's get clear with a prioritised plan.

First we need to know your business

A good SEO expert will learn about your business and be focused on how to improve how your business appears.

We start with an SEO audit questionnaire to understand your business goals, customers, and other existing marketing efforts.

Get a full SEO audit of your website

I will start by asking you various questions about your business, website, competition, and which keywords you would like to website your rank for (if someone types a certain search term do you want your website to appear in their results).

During the audit of your website, I will review your website, keywords, where it appears in search and traffic. Your SEO audit report will be easy to read and contain recommendations tailored to your business.


Can Google and users find your content?

Are you on Google?

Are the pages you want included?

Technical audit

Can Google and users understand your content?

Are you using good titles and descriptions?

Are you emphasising important text?

Review of your site content or structure

Technical audit

What are we dealing with?

We crawl and audit your entire site.

What do the gurus say?

We use search engine diagnostic tools to check how your website is performing and what needs improvement.

What do your visitors do?

We check your website analytics to see where, who, and what your visitors are currently doing on your website.

Is your website setup properly?

We check your website is optimised technically and for your audience.

What about your competition?

We check who your competitors are and how they are performing in search.

Who is linking to your site?

We check who is linking to your website, and who you are linking to.

Measure, Reflect, Refine
I review the traffic to your site to see how it is performing based on your objectives (above is a screenshot of Google Analytics which is a free tool that lets you track who and how your customers are using your website)

Are you ready to get more traffic to your website?

Find out what changes your should be making now. Get your indepth SEO audit report for £369.


I don't know if I have google analytics setup ?

Don’t worry, I can set up Google Analytics for your website and start tracking the traffic to your website.  I can also provide monthly reports so you know how your website is performing.  Contact me for help with your online business.

What is the Indepth SEO Audit ?

The in-depth SEO audit report is tailored to your business, written in a way that is easy to read including recommendations which you can then apply to improve your SEO. It includes a:

  • Breakdown of what we have checked
  • Recommendations specific to your business

Can i make the changes myself ?

Yes, I provide recommendations and what changes you should make to your website.  If you prefer I can support and maintain your SEO for you.  Our SEO packages include monthly reports so you can track your website performance. Contact Teresa today.

How often should I work on my seo ?

Please note that SEO will take a few hours a week and is a slow burner (months) to start seeing results as you make improvements. I have done many audits for websites with some successfully implementing their own optimisations and others that have chosen to hand over their SEO management to me. I am happy to support you either way.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my SEO services.

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