Safely Share WordPress Password

How to safely share WordPress access to your web designer

You don't have to share your personal login

Keep your login details private and quickly create a temporary account to share with your web designer.
Access can be for a day, week, a month, however long you need and delete it later.

How to create a WordPress user for your website developer

  1. Log into your WordPress website
  2. Go to your Dashboard
  3. Go to Users
    Here you can check what users currently have access to your website and their roles.
  4. Click Add New
  5. Enter the user details
  6. Click Add New User

Your designer will receive an email with their password and instructions on how to log in to your WordPress website. They can then update and choose their own password.

Add New User - WordPress Dashboard - Bizstyler
  • Username (required): Enter a unique username. This can not be changed. This will be their login name.
  • Email (required): Enter the developer’s email address.
  • First Name: Enter the developer’s first name.
  • Last Name: Enter the developer’s last name.
  • Website (optional): Enter the developer’s website URL.
  • Password (required): Use the password that is generated.
  • Send User Notification: Check this box if you want the developer to get an email when you create their account.
  • Role: Select a role for your developer from the dropdown. They will most likely need Administrator access.

Make sure it's a trusted person or business

Be careful who you share access to your site with. And make sure to do a full backup before you let anyone access your website.

How to delete the temporary user account

If you are planning on having ongoing support from your website designer then you can leave their user account open for them.

Otherwise, once they have finished their work with you, delete the account so they no longer have access.

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Click on Users
  3. Hover your mouse over the user you want to delete
  4. Click Delete
    If they have any content (posts or pages) associated with them select Attribute all content to: and choose another user to assign it to
  6. Click Confirm Deletion to permanently delete the user

Already shared your personal login details?

If you've shared your user details with someone who no longer needs access. Change your password.

To keep your personal login private, create a new user for anyone that needs access to your website:
1. Create a new user
2. Confirm they can access your website with the new user details
3. Change your password