Do you use WordPress themes?

Yes, we use WordPress themes.  We customise them to suit your business so that no website looks the same!

Have a look at some of our client’s websites and how we create a website that showcases their business, is easy to navigate and filled with information that is useful for their customers.


Knowledgeably – New Website

Kerry wanted a website for her growing coaching business that showed her personality in a professional manner. The images we used are fun, her home page clearly informs her potential clients why she began her business and how she can empower them in their development.

Have a look at her website: Knowledgeably – Kerry Nickols


Blue Door Property Guardians – Website Refresh

Jane was trying to get a website and was let down by another website designer. I was able to refresh her website within her limited budget.

I wrote a blog about it: Have you been let down? We can get your website on track

Have a look at her website: Blue Door Property Guardians

Spirit Media – Website Refresh

Philip was unhappy with his Spirit Media’s website and wanted to give it a modern and creative update.

Have a look at his website: Spirit Media

Old Man Strength – New Website

Matthew is passionate about staying strong and fit past your 40s and wanted to provide clothing apparel that would support this journey. He needed a website that would be easy to navigate, inspire others, build a community and sell his clothing.

Have a look at his website: Old Man Strength

OMS Online Shop

Little Forest Folk – Website Refresh

This is an example of an existing Squarespace website that I helped relaunch with their expansion of going from one to five nurseries.

Have a look at Leanna’s website: Little Forest Folk

LFF Website Refresh and Social Media

The website design process

When clients need a website, it requires a clear design process. A client who understands the basics of this process will appreciate what happens at each step:

Bizstyler Website Design Process
Bizstyler Website Design Process

Please contact me if you have any other questions about getting a new website.