Think your industry is too boring for social media?

Is your business struggling with or ignoring social media marketing?

You could be missing out on sales opportunities right now! The truth is all industries are interesting just not to everyone. Someone out there will be interested in and possibly even excited about your brand. Your job is to find them and be engaging.

So how do you connect with your fans without boring them to death?

Educate your fans

In an engaging why and build your profile.

Post about what they care about

rather than just sharing content about your business all the time. Blog about content interesting and helpful to the community in your niche.

Take them behind the scenes

to showcase how great your business and culture is. Give it personality.

Ok so I'm not boring.. But as B2B should I even bother with any other platforms besides LinkedIn?

Yes, maybe. It’s true most business to business find the most success on LinkedIn. But it’s important to think about who you are trying to reach and where they are. A lot of “boring” companies have managed to be very successful on other platforms even Instagram. Just remember to be focused pick only the platforms you can manage and cater to your audience.

No point going on every single platform and doing a poor job on all of them.


Don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s only by testing different approaches that you will be able to hone into what on an effective way to engage with your audience.

Invest in social media marketing

Make sure that if you do plan or are utilising social media for your business that you have someone dedicated managing your social media marketing. Think of it as another store front to your business. It’s what your potential customers will be seeing so you want to make sure it represents your brand well. Regardless if you are B2C or B2B.

Not sure where to start?

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