How to get your new page or post on Google

It can take several hours to several weeks... to never! What can you do?

There’s no guarantee Google will index or show your page in Google results. Especially if it thinks it’s duplicate content. But there are things you can do.

How long does SEO take? What does Google say?

"It depends"

Watch this video where John Mueller explains how long it takes to be indexed by Google and what you can to speed that up.

How to speed things up

1. Make it obvious what pages are important on your website

Link to your new pages prominently on your website. If you have a new product, link to it from your home page. Same goes with your main offers. Avoid having lots of pages that aren’t required. Think quality over quantity.

featured blog bizstyler
My new blog post is featured on my homepage.

2. Tell Google about your new page

Have an up to date sitemap

What is a an XML sitemap?

An XML sitemap helps search engines like Google crawl your website by giving it a map of all the content on your website that you want to appear in search.


If you are using WordPress then it already has a built in sitemap as long as you’re using the lasted version (WordPress 5.5 onwards). 

wordpress sitemap xml bizstyler
Example of a sitemap generated by WordPress

Rank Math plugin


rankmath sitemap bizstyler

Add the sitemap to Google Search Console

submit sitemap search console bizstyler
Search Console

Use the URL Inspection Tool in Search Console

It's a request not a guarantee

For recently added or updated pages, it is a way of telling Google about it. But there is no guarantee that it will be crawled and included in search results.

1. Use the URL Inspection Tool

2. Enter the URL of page and click enter

inspect url search console bizstyler
Enter the URL of the new page.

This will show you the status of your URL and if there are any issues. Fix any of these.

inspect url result search console bizstyler
My new page has been crawled. But it doesn't mean it's been indexed yet or appearing on Google results.


The request will be made and you will get this message:
If it gets indexed and selected as canonical, it could appear in Google Search results with all relevant enhancements. Learn more.

3. Focus on the overall quality of your website

Google wants to recommend fantastic content to users as quickly as possible – focus on that.

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Pages still not indexing?

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